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030110 OC BIOS. (With and without FastWrites enabled)

Bases on the official 030110 ECS K7S5Apro BIOS.

HX0110.ROM for LAN and non LAN Mobos.

HX0110F.ROM for LAN and non LAN Mobos with Fast Writes enabled.

Special Notes: The IRQ Routing Table is changed in the official Bios. You might have to move some of your PCI devices if they do not like an other IRQ.

Changes not related to overclocking:


The NIC module is replaced by a Etherboot module that works better than the original one and will allow you boot from a DHCP Server.




The Symbios module is removed to avoid troubles.




Some personal adjustments for stability and compatibility.




PCI IDE Busmaster is enabled by default.



5) C000- DC00 shadow option unhidden and disabled. 
6) IO APIC can be used and is enabled by default
7) PCI Latency can be changed (doesnīt work for everybody)
8) Offboard PCI IDE Card option can be configured

IRQ Priority aviable

Aviable FSB settings:  
  100.9 / 100.9 MHz 
  107 / 107 MHz
  110 / 110 MHz
  112 / 112 MHz
  124 / 124 MHz
  133.9 / 133.9 MHz 
  137.33 / 137.33 MHz
  100 / 133 MHz
  133 / 100 MHz
  133 / 166 MHz
  166 / 125 MHz*
  143 / 143 MHz
  147 / 147 MHz
  150 / 150 MHz
  166 / 166 MHz* 
  200 / 200 MHz*
  * not bootable due a PLL chip issue but can be used with software tools after booting at a lower FSB.
Extra memory settings:  
  RAS Active Time: 4T,5T
  RAS Precharge Time: 2T
Other settings:  
IO APIC:  Gives you 23 IRQs in Win2k/XP if enabled.
  (You will have to change the ACPI HAL to the Uniprozessor HAL in your device manager or reinstall the OS to get 23 IRQīs after enabling this option. Itīs not required to do this if this option is enabled and you do not want to have the 23 IRQs but still  share them.)
PCI IDE Busmaster: Speeds up boot up time and restoring partions. Disable it in case you have troubles with older HDīs.
Offboard PCI IDE Card: You can configure which slot and INT line it uses.
C000- DC00 shadow option:  Is unhidden and disabled like in an AWARD BIOS (normaly hidden and set to cashed in the K7S5A BIOS) Should improve compability / Disabling does not affect performance.
  The shadow option is copying the I/O ranges and ROMs of PCI devices into the memory or is cashing them to speed up their access and performance but mostly doesnīt speed anything up and additionaly causes troubles if enabled or set to cached.
IRQ priority:  You can try to chance the IRQ priority for each INT line but will have to disable PnP and ACPI.
PCI Latency: default 64 clocks

Small K7S5A problem FAQ:
Q: I flashed to the oc bios and am now having problems so what is wrong with it?
A: Should you experience some problems with an oc bios please check first if you are getting them with the official too but before checking this please clear the Cmos to see if some old Cmos settings from the previous BIOS are interfering with some new bios settings.
Q:  I never flashed a bios before. Is there a flashing guide?
A: Yes there is one.
Q: There are 2 files. One with "f" and one without it. I have a Lan board so which one should I use?
A: Both files do autodetect Lan and non Lan boards so it doesnīt matter which one you flash. The one with the "f" is with FastWrites enabled.
Q: I loose my Cmos frequently, have Memory misdetection or am getting a blank screen at coldboots. Is there a possible fix for this?
A: Yes, you can try an other BIOS release or apply Mr.Athlons resistor fix if no BIOS will help you. For more details and how to improve it read here:
Worked for a lot of people who couldnīt fix it with an other BIOS release. There is a BIOS (021029tsd) that adresses this issue but itīs only fake. Just a renamed 021029 bios that was released before.
Q: I did the resistor fix but the issue persist. Does it mean this fix doesnīt work for me?
A: Maybe it doesnīt work for you but it could be also just a weak battery or a corroded battery holder.
Q: NO multiplier adjustment,CPU core or Ram voltage settings?
A: Right. No jumper/bios multiplier adjustment, no jumper/bios CPU voltage and no jumper/bios Ram voltage adjustment.
The only way to change the multiplier or vcore is by modding the board or modding the CPU. Ram voltage can only be changed by modding the board. The lock/unlock state of the chip is ignored by the board hardware. Therefore there is no BIOS that can support such adjustments. 
Q: Is there a problem by using 2 sticks SDRAM at 133Mhz and can it be fixed?
A: Yes there is one. This Mobo is known to freeze a lot or beeing unstable for a lot of people who use 2 sticks and there is no magic fix for this because itīs due a voltage drop by using 2 sticks and on some boards this drop is to high to get them working stable.. You can use only one stick SDRAM, move over to DDRAM, try to run at 138Mhz or stay at 100Mhz. The 138Mhz setting works somehow for some people but no idea why. Maybe due a higher power consumation their PSUīs are giving higher voltages.
Q: Can I change the chipset registers and is there a PCR file aviable?
A: Yes you can. The PCR file can be downloaded for example from here:
Q: Where does the PCR file come from?
A: Take a look here:
Q: What is a chipset heatsink fix and do I need it?
A: If you are suffering by some stability problems then you can try it. Costs nothing and will incrase your stability anyway. Read the full description about the imprtance of this fix written by Oken:
Q: Who got the idea to cool the chipset, did the first K7S5Aīs have the same problem?
A: The first K7S5Aīs did have the same issue but most people didnīt belive itīs releated to the chipsets heat but finally there were at least a few that could imagine that to be the problem. You might find the answer here:
Q: Most of the suggested solutions here are the same like at the ocworkbench forum. Does it mean there are the real modders and the solutions in the ezboard are just stolen?
A: NO! All modders in the ezboard were previously members at ocworkbench who were banned one day. Nearly all solutions at ocworkbench are taken from these banned people. The resistor fix for example and the banned people are not allowed to be mentioned there. You can try to mention them if you want to risk to be banned too.


I have heard some people saying this BIOS is just a copy of the CheepoBIOS but that canīt be and is not true.
Best prove are the two links below. He posted his BIOS based on 021029 one day later than me and i donīt have a timemashine.

Link to the first release:

Link to his post:

Also, the same people are saying itīs way slower than his one. Well, this BIOS is tweaked with stability in mind and not performance but the measured differences are within 3-5% where sometimes his is a bit faster and sometimes this one.

I canīt tell you which one you should prefer but I prefer stability with good performance. Thatīs the reason why I am modding the BIOS. I just canīt accept that my system crashes after a few hours of editing my captured videotapes and am loosing all I worked for in this time.

At least, should you still have some troubles with this BIOS which are not caused by the modifications itself, flash to 020429 (proven to be best working until now) and if there are troubles caused by the modifications which do not appear with the official one please report back so I can narrow them down but check before with the official one if the problem persists or not.
Errors are human...:)



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